Podcast Recorder

A simple Windows application to record podcasts


This is a simple Windows application developed to record podcasts, though it can be used to record any audio from both a microphone and the speakers. It records the selected microphone device and the selected speaker device to mp3 files, which after recording can be mixed to a single wav file. The wav file can then be passed to Levelator, and the output wav file of that can then be converted back to a mp3 file. Each of these steps is optional.

I've been using this application for over a year for recording a weekly podcast, with an average episode length of about 2 hours. So far the application has never crashed or failed in any other way in recording the episodes.

System requirements

  • Windows 8 or higher*
  • .Net 4.5 or higher
  • Windows Media Feature Pack**
*Only tested on Windows 8.1.
**The Windows Media Feature Pack is not included with the N and KN versions of Windows. More information and a download link is available here.

Installation instructions

Unzip all files to a folder and (optionally) make a shortcut to desktop. Recordings will be stored in the same folder.

How to use

The application records a microphone device and a speaker device simultaneously in two separate files. Select the devices you want to record and click the start button. When done click the stop button. With the 'show files in Explorer' button, Windows Explorer opens the folder where the recordings are stored.

After recording you can mix the two mp3 files together in a single wav file. This wav file can then (optionally) be passed on to Levelator and/or be converted back to a mp3 file. To use Levelator you have to specify the path to levelator.exe with the 'locate Levelator' button. This path is stored, as are the states of the checkboxes, so you only have to do this once.

The recordings are named in the following convention:

  • [date]_[time]_mic_mp3.mp3 for the original microphone recording in mp3 format
  • [date]_[time]_speak_mp3.mp3 for the original speakers recording in mp3 format
  • [date]_[time]_mix_wav.wav for the mixed wav file of the original mp3 recordings
  • [date]_[time]_mix_wav.output.wav for the mixed wav file that's gone through Levelator
  • [date]_[time]_mix_mp3.mp3 for the mp3 conversion of the non-leveled wav file
  • [date]_[time]_mix_leveled_mp3.mp3 for the mp3 conversion of the leveled wav file

When editing locally, you typically would want to use either the original mp3 recordings or one of the mixed wav files. The mp3 conversion is added in case you want to send the files somewhere and filesize is a consideration. All bitrates / sample rates are determined by what the devices you record provide.

Source code

The program is written in c# with the help of the CSCore and NAudio libraries. The source code is available on Github.