Marnix Suilen

Computer Science / Video Games

About me

I'm a computer science student with an interest in probabilistic systems, like Markov decision processes, and optimization problems. My bachelor thesis is about finding a scheduler for an uncertain Markov decision process that satisfies both a reachability property and an expected cost property.

I also have a keen interest in video games. I've been writing reviews and criticism (in Dutch) since 2011, and am a co-host of the weekly Gamecowboys podcast (also in Dutch). I also occasionally develop a small (prototype) game myself, some of which can be found on my page.

If you want to get in touch, you can find me on Twitter or send me an email.

Reachability and expected cost properties for uncertain Markov decision processes

For my bachelor thesis I studied uncertain Markov decision processes and how to verify reachability and expected cost properties. In my thesis I propose the use of robust geometric programming to find a scheduler that satisfies these properties.

Podcast Recorder

For the weekly podcast I'm part of, I developed a small recording application that records the audio coming from both a microphone and the speakers. This was mostly the result of a lot of frustration with other recording applications that either crashed or were disappointing in their audio quality. This application records independent of the chat application used, and works on Windows 8 or higher.

Game Criticism

I've been writing game reviews and criticism since 2011 for Dutchcowboys, and take part in the weekly Gamecowboys podcast since 2013. Both are in Dutch. For a small sample of my writing, head over to this dedicated page, or check out my profile on the Dutchcowboys website. The Gamecowboys podcast is a weekly podcast that can be found on iTunes or in your favorite podcast app.